MaLoons Group was established in 2002 to provide clients with a basket of business, strategic, industrila, financial and investment services....

Mif Consulting

MaLoons for Investment & Financing(MiF) Mif Consulting was established in 2002 to provide clients with a basket of financial and investment services. During the last decade MiF advised businesses in different economic sectors such as ICT, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial and Real estate development. Our clients benefited from our strength in Fund raising (Debt & Equity Financing). I the last 10 years MiF managed to finance project with more than USD two billion.

Maloons Industrial

MaLoons Industrial is the Subsidiary of MaLoons Advisory JLT. It is the industrial technical arm in the MaLoons Group. MaLoons Industrial specialty in came as answer to the emerging needs around the world for the smart management systems in parking and refueling technology. World is moving towards rationing in fuel consumptions and fleet management, and we believe that we are able to give the answers to different concerns facing business sector through our smart solutions.

Maloons Capital

Maloons Capital is an investment concept development house established in 2010 in London in order to assist clients to bridge the gap between the business Architecture blueprint and the incubation and growth strategy of the concept. MaLoons key strength emerges from the ability to take the business towards exit strategy by adapting the best fit quantitative growth strategy.


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